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Walk your own path


Walk Your Own Path is a one-on-one coaching experience where you get to connect with your life. The process includes one coach (the walk leader) and you, who will embark on a simple walk together, and the coach helps you to set yourself free by taking time just for yourself.


A walk with your coach is intimate and powerful. During the walk, you can set intentions for your work, challenge yourself and your beliefs, and witness and experience the freedom of being yourself.

your walk

Your walk will consist of three sessions:

  1. Pre-walk Discovery Sessions anchor your purpose, and we will take the time to discuss your goals from coaching.

  2. During your custom walk, we will go deep and explore the obstacles in your life keeping you from reaching your goals.

  3. After you've assimilated your newfound power, we will have a debrief call and set accounailities to keep you on the right path.

Discovery Session
Typically 1 Hour
  • Establish partnership

  • Set goals and intentions

  • Identify obstacles

  • Build trust and curiosity

Walk Day
Typically 1  Hour
  • Escape your daily grind

  • Embrace challenges

  • Gain clarity through nature

  • Celebrate victories and growth

Typically 1 Hour
  • Reflect on the experience

  • Process key takeaways

  • Own your journey

  • Envision the future

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