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  • Jason Glassner


After 104 hours of training, five weekends dedicated to training and understanding the principles of Co-Active (Fulfillment, Balance,Process and Synergy), I’ve reached the end of the Co-Active Coach Training program. I have proven to myself that I can handle an intense experience like this, and now it’s time for the next step, the six-month intensive certification program.

Why did I attend the training?

While I have been coaching my entire professional career, I wanted to better myself and learn new coaching skills. I believe that joining a community of people trying to better themselves would be good for me. Furthermore, I felt that being around a group of positive role models and mentors could help change my perspective about myself and what I am capable of. Most importantly, though, I was tired of going at it alone. I needed motivation and accountability - someone to remind me when things get tough. Sure, there are plenty of ways to tackle these problems on your own (through books, podcasts, meditating), but those things don’t always work out as planned. Some days were more complex than others. It was easy for them to become overwhelming emotionally...and give up working after only a few weeks or months. So, I decided I needed more structure and completed the program in less than one year.

Describe a challenging moment during training

The training was challenging and required total commitment. My self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-accountability provided the space to explore and pursue possibilities: an experienced journey. My role is to be by your side as a coach, trusted advisor, thought partner, virtually or in person. I’ll ask the hard questions other may not and generate insights for you and increase resources to help unlock patterns in your behaviors or thought processes, gain clarity on who you are, honor and manage your inner voice, and create an empowering environment – for yourself and those around you. Coaching has helped me develop strategies to become more involved and prepare to provide top-level service to clients.

My future goals

As a Co-Active, I feel that I have changed as a person for many reasons. One of them is how I look at my role in teams. When I first entered 104 hours program (remember, it was just ten months ago), I had zero knowledge about what Co-Active Coaching. These were some core lessons I learned along with our coaches during the 104-hour course:

  • Coach for insights – the ah-ha moments that change your clients’ lives.

  • Because all my clients challenge and excite me differently, each engagement will be unique in scope and goals.

  • ·Coaching is about you the WHOLE PERSON.

My next big step is completing the Co-Active Certification program. For the next six months, I will be working with mentors and fellow coaching in the program to develop my Co-Active Coach skills further.

My coaching practice is grounded in a SPIRIT OF SERVICE that prioritizes intention and exploration via virtual or in-person partnerships. My clients are from all walks of life who have shown up in the face of challenges, gone against the grain, and done things that others find daunting. They have been leaders and visionaries for a long time, often without the title. They are committed to growth – to something new in the next stage of life. It will be my honor to serve them in their life’s journey.

Thank you Co-Active

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