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  • Jason Glassner

Get the F*ck Out of Your Way

It's in your head, that little voice that tells you what you can and cannot do. It's that voice that reminds you of when you failed in the past or how much you hate failure. Most people never get to achieve their dreams because they are always standing in their way. Working with a coach can help you identify your saboteurs and learn how to manage your inner voice, and become larger and bigger in life. When we grow, we become more successful, and the world needs big people who can impact this world!

Are You Constantly Playing Small?

First, You Should See if You're Playing Small. Now that you've done that... it's time to figure out why. There are many reasons people play small, but they boil down to one primary reason: fear. Fear of what other people will think or say or do. Fear of failure. Fear of success! But what people don't realize is that they are holding themselves back by listening to their saboteurs and allowing them to rule over them.

Are you holding yourself back?

What are you holding yourself back from? This question can be deceiving because, at first glance, it sounds like an easy question to answer. You might think that you're holding yourself back from not losing more weight or that you're holding yourself back from accomplishing your business goals. But often, what we are doing is looking for an excuse to make something happen. Is there a valid reason why you haven't lost all of your excess body fat? No.

If so... why?

Lack of commitment is a big saboteur. It's easy to start something, but what about follow through? Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to STOP making excuses and START getting results! If aren't doing it for yourself, and you don't deserve it...walk away! Be honest with yourself and if you want whatever it takes (within legal limits) to get it. I promise that if you do, you will feel AMAZING afterward; success feels fucking great, baby!! :) Stop being an observer; it is time to step into your life.

And... what if I told you there was a better way... by working with a coach?

Our brains aren't designed to make long-term decisions, especially if it means going against what we were taught or what our friends and family believe. Working with a coach can help you identify your saboteurs and learn how to manage your inner voice and create a life you always wanted. Think of it as a board of directors without all that annoying paperwork. A good coach should ask questions that unlock patterns in your behaviors or thought processes, helping you get clarity on who you are and what steps lead to happiness. Your destiny is bigger; than the life, you are living now.


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