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Hike Your Own Path is a multi-week experience for self-exploration and growth that engages the whole person – mind, body, spirit – in invoking change.


With stunning Hawaiian vistas as a backdrop, Hike Your Own Path centers your journey while fostering reflection and insight along the way. Together, we’ll identify your personal area of focus, discover strengths and saboteurs, and achieve an empowering balance of thoughts, feelings, and actions to support your goals.


Pre-hike Discovery Sessions anchor our purpose, and post-hike Summit Sessions solidify your transformation. During the signature mid-point hike, we’ll explore some of the most extraordinary landscapes in Hawaii through the lens of your personal development. 

Discovery Session
Typically 1 Hour
  • Establish partnership

  • Set goals and intentions

  • Identify obstacles

  • Build trust and curiosity

Summit Session
Typically 1-3  Hours
  • Escape your daily grind

  • Embrace challenges

  • Gain clarity through nature

  • Celebrate victories and growth

Wayfinder Session
Typically 1 Hour
  • Reflect on the experience

  • Process key takeaways

  • Own your journey

  • Envision the future

Your HYOP coach crafts and curates a hike that sets you up to do your most meaningful and creative work. You will be with your coach in a powerful and intuitive environment, exploring how you hold yourself back, and what you need to help you get out of your stuckness and live free!

There are two standard modules for this program, or we can develop a bespoke experience based on your needs. I also offer clients continued support through email or micro-sessions to extend and deepen learnings.

3 Sessions + 1 Hike

The Voyager package is designed for folks looking to enhance their time in Hawaii with customized, guided introspection amid some of the islands’ most special places. We’ll have 2 Discovery Sessions before our hike, and connect again afterwards for a Summit Session to solidify insights from our time together.

8 Sessions + 1 Hike

The Adventurer package is ideal for locals or visitors who are ready to go deep and maximize their growth. Multiple, immersive Discovery and Summit Sessions pre- and post-hike allow us to identify and process your greatest opportunities and challenges – as a team.


hikes for all walks of life

Hike Your Own Path was developed to be inclusive and accessible for all abilities. Hikes typically last between 2 and 5 hours, or I can accommodate your preferred duration. If you have a favorite trek or bucket-list hike, let me know – or check out some of my top spots below.

Kailua Beach



Makiki Valley Loop


Pu'u Ma'eli'eli



Aiea Loop



Maunawili Falls





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