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Is your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?


Our answers to this age-old question – when applied to our perception of ourselves, our lives, and the world around us – can indicate a desire or need for change.


Perhaps you need to heal from something, reclaim your life, forgive someone, or (even harder) forgive yourself. Maybe you’re ready for a major pivot or just seeking something more, but not sure what that is or how to start.

Whatever the circumstance, it is my honor to serve as your trusted partner.

As your coach, it’s my job to be curious and to help you embrace your story as an opportunity for growth. This journey can apply to your career, personal life, relationships, mental health, or something else altogether.


Together, we can:

  • Leverage your values and beliefs to anchor a new outlook or mindset

  • Uncover your strengths and the ideas holding you back

  • Cultivate your courage, self-esteem, and ability to communicate your unique worth

  • Pursue your authentic life with space to do more of what you love

  • Achieve alignment and balance to more easily navigate stress and change


This is my purpose, and I’m here to help you find yours.


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Howdy! I’m Jason.

I’m a Brain-Based Leadership and Co-Active Coach specializing in empowerment transformations that help clients reconnect with their values, overcome their past and embrace a more meaningful, bountiful life.


My coaching practice is grounded in a spirit of service that prioritizes intention and exploration via virtual or in-person partnerships. I work with folks from all walks of life who have shown up in the face of challenges, gone against the grain, and done things that others find daunting. They have been leaders and visionaries for a long time, often without the title. They are committed to growth – to something new in the next stage of life.


My story reads like an adventure that landed me happily married and gainfully employed in Hawaii after roles at major companies, national nonprofits, and edgy startups. Of course, that version omits the uncertainty, self-doubt, and personal demons I struggled with along the way. It’s been a nuanced journey of highs, lows, reflections, and resilience – all still in progress. That’s the beauty of it.  

While driving home from work as a milestone birthday approached, I found myself reflecting on what I wanted from life, professionally and personally. I kept returning to the relationships I’ve most treasured over the years. I realized that the best part of my days – spent with family, friends, or coworkers – involved that same type of journey: going deep, dissecting a problem or opportunity, and working together toward goals and growth. 

That was my ah-ha moment: I’d been coaching my entire life. And I loved it. 

With my new North Star, I formalized my coaching practice and earned certifications to supplement my decades of hands-on, learned experience. I now partner with clients – in individual and corporate settings – to reach those ah-ha moments and fuel personal transformations in success, balance, fulfillment, and wellbeing. 

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Simply put
coaching is about the whole you

Your self-awareness, your self-acceptance, and your self-accountability. It’s a place to explore and pursue possibilities. An experienced, a journey.

My role is to be by your side as a coach, trusted advisor, thought partner, and consultant either virtually or in person. I’ll ask the hard questions others may not and generate insights for you and increase resources to help unlock patterns in your behaviors or thought processes, gain clarity on who you are, honor and manage your inner voice, and create an empowering environment – for yourself and those around you.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

I’m a fit for folks in an experiential growth mindset who are ready to ask tough questions, leave comfort zones, and embrace change. After a deep-dive intro session lasting up to two hours, I want us both to be at a HELL YES level about working together. We’ll then design a custom, agile partnership for planned and real-time needs during our journey. Because all my clients challenge and excite me in different ways, each engagement is unique in scope and goals. I promise you an integrated experience filled with that same level of challenge and excitement as we pursue your vision of fulfillment.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

I work with companies, nonprofits, and associations to enhance alignment, outcomes, and culture through partnership and fellowship around shared goals. Thanks to an early career of empowering national entities to maximize efficiency and impact, I bring a record of success with high-performing teams of board members, executives, direct reports, virtual staff, vendors, and volunteers. From group retreats and trainings to senior leadership development and individual employee experience, we'll design a customized plan for your organization’s short- and long-term goals.



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